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Amazon Fire HD 8 System Apps on Home Screen

I recently got an Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet and for the most part it’s been running fine. However, I encountered a weird and annoying issue where, all of a sudden, I had what seem to be system/hidden apps showing up on my Home screen. The apps in question were, IIRC, Device Setup, Downloads, Music, Kindle Store and maybe one more that I can’t find/remember. The solution was to go to Settings → Apps & Notifications → Manage All Application → Home Pages → Storage.

The Forgotten Ideas in Computer Science Notes

I recently watched Joe Armstrong’s Code BEAM keynote talk about forgotten ideas in computer science and thought it would be useful to make some notes. They’re mostly in the form of links to things that he mentions in his talk. The Talk The Tweets I’m interested in the forgotten ideas of computer science. Needed for a talk. Can you post examples of great CS ideas that have been largely forgotten.


I’m using an ASUS RT-N66U and my ISP is Aquiss (an Entanet reseller). I wanted to get IPv6 working. After a little bit of fiddling, the following settings seem to have done the trick: Connection type: Native Interface: PPP DHCP-PD: Enable Auto Configuration Setting: Stateless Connect to DNS Server automatically: Enable Enable Router Advertisement: Enable Hope this helps anybody else in the same situation.

WHMCS Smarty {include} Not Working

I’ve been using Smarty templates a bit recently while working with WHMCS and ran into an issue. When trying to do {include 'some_template.tpl'}, I was getting no output. Smarty seemed to just stop all processing at that point. The fix was maddeningly simple, especially as I’d tried a bunch of different variations of absolute and relative paths. If your template is in a file called some_template.tpl, you need to use:

WHMCS 500 Error

While working on an addon module for WHMCS I kept getting a generic 500 error code and a blank page. I was pretty sure it was a problem in my code but there was nothing in the XAMPP error.log or the WHMCS admin dashboards so I had no way of tracking down the cause. I managed to finally track down the cause by enabling the Display Errors option under Setup → General Settings → Other.